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We are not related to any Tag Heuer and any products of Tag Heuer. All logo and photo are copyright of the owner respectively. We love Tag watch very much and we would like to share it to Malaysian and the world.

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TAG Heuer® and others brands name are registered trademarks of the respective owners of such trademarks, and not of tagheuer.com.my. tagheuer.com.my is an independent website and is not associated with such trademark owners or the manufacturers of the watches display in this website. Use of manufacturer’s names, logos, and identifying marks is for “fair use” in explain the prestage TAG Heuer products. The intention of this website is to let internet user within the region to know more and get more info about TAG Heuer Products.

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  1. thomaskok2000 says:

    Hi, there,
    I am looking for a TAG Heuer service center/agent in Malacca, Malaysia. TQ.

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